My crededntials, my expierence, and my abilities are what I am offering your HOA as your dedicated Association manager.
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Jeff Deibler, CCAMís Summary

Currently, I am pursuing the ultimate achievement for community association managers, the Master of Community Association Management (MCAM). It is the highest professional recognition available for California community association managers. I may be one of the first certified managers to achieve this recognition since it has been established. A minimum of six consecutive years as a CCAM is required by all applicants. I will publish this achievement here as soon as I receive it.

GoToMeeting and Skype online meetings

Easy web conferencing can be brought to Association meetings if Board members are unable to attend meetings in person. We are set up to support web conferencing using either GoToMeeting or Skype software. This online access will help your Association better achieve quorum at meetings and reduce the frustrating experience of rescheduling meetings because of a lack of a quorum of Board members.

Bay Area Property Services

Bay Area Property Services

Bay Area Property Services provides monthly and annual financial reporting and billing and accounts receivable services for common interest developments. We can help keep your receivables balance low while maintaining civil code compliance for your Association.

Monthly and annual financial reporting is made seamless. Bay Area Property Services facilitates the CPA annual review process and reduces their effort. These reports are clear, easy to read, and provide all the tools necessary for your Associationís Board of Directors to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.